Zapya apk for Android: Are you searching for the best file sharing application for your Android phone? Then Zapya apk for Android is the best option. Zapya app is a cross-platform file sharing tool available in the Play Store. Sharing files or data is made easy and quick with the introduction of Zapya apk. The user-interface is easy and simple which made the application remain at the top still. Zapya transfers data at a much faster rate compared to Bluetooth or through external cables. The best thing with Zapya Android app is that it is free to use and share application. Now one need not wait for several minutes to transfer files with the traditional methods rather download Zapya app for Android phones. Share data with anyone at any time without an internet connection and external cables absolutely for zero cost at the greatest speed now with Zapya apk for Android free download.

One must have app for any Android phones to share data and files is the Zapya app. Zapya app is the best alternative to the traditional file sharing methods. Sharing data has got a new name with Zapya app’s introduction. Since it is a cross-platform application, it has extended its support to all the popular platforms. It is a cross-platform application and is available for Zapya Apk For Android, Zapya For iOS, Zapya For Windows Phone, Zapya For Windows PC and Zapya For Mac PC. Get into to know more about the Zapya app for PC in detail from this post.. Know more about Zapya apk for Android, its features and download Zapya app from this post for your smartphone directly from the Play Store.

Before Zapya – A Glimpse:

Once upon a time we were using the external USB cables to transfer data. Then came the Bluetooth option and it is the only way possible to share data without any wires or cables. However, Bluetooth cannot share all the files types. At the same time, it cannot transfer data at a higher speed. When the size of the data increases then, it will increase the file transferring time. Also, Bluetooth cannot move a bigger size file. The application called Zapya overcame all these disadvantages.

Zapya Apk – An Innovation In File Sharing:

Zapya app is a cross-platform Android application that allows the user to transfer files from one device to another. Any Zapya user can share data between another Zapya user at a much faster rate. It is easy to use application that has got more than 450 million users all over the world. The user-interface designed allows the user to share data with ease. The transferring speed of Zapya is 200 times more than the Bluetooth speed. It also shares files and data that gets limited only in Gigabytes. Zapya works without any internet connection. So sharing made simple without spending much of time and cost for any Android users.

Zapya Apk-Features:

Zapya is a file transferring application available for various platforms. Have a look at the features of Zapya apk for Android version.

Limitless Sharing

  • Any Zapya user can share files of unlimited size to another Zapya user without any data connection or wifi connection.

Wireless Sharing

  • Share data without any need for external USB or cables to anyone at any time without any hassle with Zapya app installed on the Android phones.

Share Everything

  • Zapya does not prompt you from sharing any files. The user can share pictures, audio, video, documents, movies and apps for free.

Transfer Speed

  • Zapya works faster than faster than the traditional methods of file sharing. It can move at a rate much higher than 200 times the speed of Bluetooth.

Group Sharing

  • Zapya works with five devices connected at the same time. Share the common data between your friends quickly with one single click with Zapya installed on your device.

Phone Replicate

  • Now backup and transfer all the data from your old device to the new device with the phone replicate option available with Zapya app.

Offline Chat

  • Zapya users can enjoy texting features even in the offline state. You could also share audio video streaming with the friends nearby.

QR Code

  • Scan the QR code generated from one device with the other to transfer the files and data. This allows you to share in groups.

Peer Camera

  • View and take photos by controlling the camera of the device connected. Make a pair phones as a spycam or as a wireless periscope.

Multi-Platform Support

  • Zapya is a cross-platform application designed to work with multiple devices irrespective of the platforms. It is available for all the leading platforms.

Language Supported

  • Supports about 15 different languages that include Arabic, Burmese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), English (Default),  Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Download Zapya Apk For Android:

Download the file sharing app Zapya to instantly send and receive data of unlimited size with faster speed. Click on the link below to download the latest version of Zapya apk for android phone.

Download Zapya For Other Devices:

Zapya For PC:

Zapya For Windows PC

Zapya For Mac 

Zapya For Mobile Devices:

Zapya Apk For Android

Zapya For iOS

Zapya For Windows Phone

Pros Of Zapya Apk:

  • Transfer all types of files.
  • Multiple platform support.
  • Shares files without any limits in its size.
  • Allows to connects with groups.
  • Built-in gallery and media player.

Cons Of Zapya Apk:

  • Built-in media player does not have HD support for videos.
  • Transfers files only to the device with Zapya installed.

Screenshots Of Zapya Apk:

Hope the article provided you all the information about the best file sharing application called Zapya. If you have got any queries regarding Zapya Apk for Android please comment us below.

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