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Zapya For PC free download for windows xp/7/8/8.1

Zapya For PC free download: Zapya For PCTechnology rules us. One such noteworthy innovation in the field of technology is the applications aka apps. The apps developed fall under various categories. One among the category of apps is the file transferring applications. The development of such apps made file sharing easy. There are some file-sharing apps available in the store and one among the best is the Zapya app. Transfer data quickly with Zapya installed on your device. Zapya is a cross-platform application that works on different devices. This article deals about Zapya for the PC version. In brief, you...

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Zapya for Mac PC free download – latest version

Zapya for Mac PC: There are lots of file sharing applications available in the market. Download Zapya for Mac PC now. It is necessary to pick the best out of all for one’s personal use. Zapya app is one such instant file sharing application available for all the leading platforms. In specific, this blog deals all about Zapya file sharing app for iOS. Are you wondering that Zapya Mac version is available? Yes, though not being officially available for the desktop version, one could use Zapya app via a third party android emulator. A Mac user can thoroughly enjoy file...

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Zapya apk for android free download

Zapya apk for Android: Are you searching for the best file sharing application for your Android phone? Then Zapya apk for Android is the best option. Zapya app is a cross-platform file sharing tool available in the Play Store. Sharing files or data is made easy and quick with the introduction of Zapya apk. The user-interface is easy and simple which made the application remain at the top still. Zapya transfers data at a much faster rate compared to Bluetooth or through external cables. The best thing with Zapya Android app is that it is free to use and share...

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Zapya For Windows Phone Free Download

Zapya For Windows Phone: Zapya arrived for Windows Platform finally. Now the Microsoft users can also share files and data by downloading Zapya app. Zapya is a cross-platform file transfer app with which the user can send and receive data such as pictures, music files, video files, movies, documents, apps and everything you have. Though there are some file sharing apps available for windows phone, Zapya works the best of all. Zapya file sharing application for windows phone is a free tool for sharing data. The features of Zapya are distinct from other apps.  Download Zapya for windows phone and...

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Zapya For iOS Free Download

Zapya For iOS: File sharing is never meant easy once but now with applications and smartphone development it is the easiest task ever. Sharing takes only seconds rather than minutes and hours. Zapya app is one such famous file sharing application available in the store. Zapya transfers file at a faster rate for free of cost. It is generally an Android application and is available for leading platforms. It is a cross-platform application and is available for Zapya Apk For Android, Zapya For iOS, Zapya For Windows Phone, Zapya For Windows PC and Zapya For Mac PC. Get into to know more about the Zapya app for PC in detail from this post. The article is all about Zapya iOS version. You could also find specific details about the features of the app. Download Zapya for iOS and share data instantly. Get into to know all the details of Zapya app. Zapya For iOS-Glimpse: Join with more than 300 million users of Zapya from all over the world. It is the fastest file sharing tool available for all the leading platforms. With Zapya one could share data between different devices without any hassle. Applications like Zapya made the technology users overcome the traditional sharing methods. Zapya is simply a time shaving file sharing application. Works faster without cables and data connection. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Zapya...

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