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Zapya webshare apk is the #1 Free App on Samsung Tizen

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Recently, an application known as Zapya Webshare has surpassed popular applications, such as WhatsApp Messenger, photo editor, Facebook messenger, opera mini, and has become Samsung Tizen’s top downloaded free app. This has many people curious about what kind of application Zapya Webshare is and why are so many people downloading it.

The recently launched Zapya Webshare for Samsung Tizen has a rating of 4.8 shows that it is not only popular, but it is also thought highly of by it’s overseas users. Landing first in the number one spot on the Tizen App store free list has proved Zapya’s strategic vision and the strong demand for Zapya overseas.
Zapya webshare apk
Zapya webshare apk

Zapya webshare apk:-

Zapya Webshare apk is a free cross-platform file sharing application that does not require mobile data or a WLAN network to transfer files. Zapya was the first company in the cross-platform file sharing industry when it was created in 2012. It uses the phone’s ability to create a WLAN hotspot to transfer files of any format between devices. Whether it is an application, game, video, song, document, or a photo, you can use Zapya to transfer it to another device! The transmission speed of Zapya is nearly one hundred times faster than Bluetooth. For example, you can transfer 260 uncompressed photos or 100 MP3 songs in only one minute.

For three years now, Zapya has surpassed Bluetooth speed and improved their application so that the user has the best user experience possible. Not only has Zapya started the revolution of mobile file transfer, it has also continually updated the amount of platforms it supports so that it now covers Android, iOS, WP, and other platforms.

Ratings for zapya webshare apk:-

Tizen users give Zapya Webshare a rating of 4.8 out of 5!
Zapya webshare apk
Zapya webshare apk
According to the latest data from Strategy Analytics, Samsung Tizen has surpassed BlackBerry and has become the world’s fourth largest mobile platform in the third quarter of this year.  Zapya’s Samsung Tizen version of their app has successfully penetrated this new market and has provided Tizen users with a tool to transfer and share files with friends.

Previously, the Tizen application store was only available in India and Bangladesh. In late April, Tizen launched the application store to support 182 more countries. The countires that the application store is now available to include but is not limited to the United States, Great Britain, Australia, China, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Due to the expansion of the availability of the Tizen application store, only the free applications are available to the newly supported countries.

Zapya provides over 300 million users across 178 countries and territories worldwide with superior transferring speeds. The fully opened Samsung Tizen app store will help Zapya increase the amount of users it has worldwide while enhancing the Tizen user’s user experience.

Zapya for other devices:-

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